Bobbie Russon


Russon creates bold and moving depictions of figures in a subtle, matt finish, mapping a path of loss, awkward self-awareness, and developing sexuality; she communicates her excruciating shyness as a child and the acute loneliness she felt.


The subjects in Russon’s paintings are most often female as she draws on her own emotion and experience and her images conjure up situations she can relate to. Dolls or animals, rather than other humans feature as companions with their almost human-like, but dumb and false understanding. Russon’s sombre yet beautiful paintings expose an inherently ambiguous, complex nature of society’s growing fears about the loss of childhood innocence.


Recent interest in Victorian cabinet paintings has culminated in a series of miniatures, framed in beautifully handcrafted solid wood frames, which are almost sculptural. Russon’s signature figures each holds its own narrative, with a careful balance between something haunting and humorous.

Russon was born in Birmingham and received her MA at the Royal College of Art and her BA at Central St Martin’s in London. She now works from her studio in South West London and is solely represented by bo.lee gallery. Recent years have shown an increased interest and demand in Russon’s work, with sell out shows and inclusion in many private collections. Russon’s prices have increased dramatically to reflect this, with a strong collector base buying her work for investment.