In Conversation: Part I: Clare Burnett | Benjamin Cohen | Adeline De Monseignat

25 - 27 February 2021

In Conversation is a series of group exhibitions taking place throughout 2021, curated to draw parallels between practices both visually and conceptually. 


Displayed within the historical setting of Beckenham Place Mansions, the first instalment of In Conversation brings together three sculptors. Each led by materiality and the juxtaposition of old and new, the practices of these artists will be housed in a responsive dialogue with three separate rooms: Adeline will take the Library, Clare, the Drawing Room and Benjamin, the Dining Room. 


Adeline de Monseignat (b.1987) is a sculptor who lives and works between London and Mexico City.  Her work translates an interest in psychology, mythology, urban legends, anthropology and other literary sources which refer to birth, fertility, anthropomorphism and the uncanny.  Through the process of sculpting, the artist aims to provide physicality and functionality to such intangible concepts.  Adeline works primarily with organic, mineral, sensual, strong yet vulnerable materials such as fur, glass, textiles, steel and marble that aim to echo the human body’s qualities, vulnerabilities and potentialities. 


Clare Burnett is a British artist, raised in France and Belgium and working in London. She is President of the Royal Society of Sculptors. Her work is a process-led response to the issues, objects and spaces around her. She scavenges from her surroundings; plays with, reconfigures and transforms her ‘finds’ in the studio; then arranges them to create interactions with each other and with the space beyond. 


Through experimentation with expanded notions of sculpture, painting, film and time- based media, as well as a continuous engagement in collaborative practices; Benjamin Cohen’s work consists of objects, films, photographs, sound and ‘structures’ which explore notions of architecture, topography, memory and ‘display’.