Sean Molloy


Sean Molloy (b. 1964, UK) investigates the relevance of painting in a digitally-mediated world. His new body of work has been constructed by a process of experimentation with a series of traditional baroque-inspired themes, spliced together with over-painted elements associated with digital-based imagery. Molloy appropriates traditional elements from sources within the Dutch, Spanish, Flemish and Italian baroque painting canon, combining and juxtaposing them to create a series of miniature tondo portraits and capriccio-type fantasy landscapes. The digital-inspired elements overlaying the traditional subject matter reference a variety of sources, including C.G.I., games, image manipulation software, glitch-art. Molloy lives in Dublin, where he received his MFA in Painting in 2013 at the National College of Art & Design. He was awarded the K&M Evans Painting Prize, RHA in 2014, long-listed in Saatchi New Sensations, 2013 and received the Thomas Dammann Jr. Memorial Trust Travel Grant in 2015, to assist part of his on-going research into the techniques of the European baroque masters.